Crowning Wisdom

An Inspirational Reference to Proverbs

I love that this book can be read from cover to cover but can also become a quick go-to guide in times when you need to find exactly what God has to say about specific problems that happen in everyday life. Whether it is struggling with worry or anger or raising kids in the current culture, you will find specific Godly wisdom here. I expect my copy to become dog-earred in the years to come!

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What People Are Saying:

  • E. Brown

    Pre-Sale Ebook Review

    "I am on the bus to Boston airport reading your book and literally wiping away tears. You did an incredible job with your book! The lady sitting next to me started reading, so I just moved my iPad to the middle so we could both read it. It is so great!"

  • M. Falls

    Amazon Review

    "Not only is this a great read, but it is a great reference guide for topics found in Proverbs. Tracie's vivid stories will have you laughing and crying. I am so grateful for a book that uses scripture to encourage and challenge me to live for Jesus Christ!"

  • Fan and Friend

    Amazon Review

    "I've had the honor of watching from the sidelines as this beautiful book has gone from dream to reality. This book will bless you! Who doesn't need wisdom? And what better source is there for wisdom than Proverbs! Each anecdote and inspiration will encourage you to seek God's wisdom for all your challenges in life."

Take A Look Inside The Book

Book Anatomy 

  1. Stories.  There is no better way to capture the essence of the Wisdom of Proverbs than everyday stories.  In CW, I share humorous stories, tragic stories, and inspirational stories that will help open your heart to recieve Wisdom. 
  2. Scripture. Every chapter deals with a different area of our lives (Anger, Parenting, Social Issues, etc) and CW has categorized the corresponding verses from Proverbs that apply to that area of our lives.  
  3. Simplicity. Wisdom is often shrouded by the complexity of everyday life.  Wisdom is always available for us, yet we often cannot see "the forest for the trees."  CW is laid out in a simple manner to help you go back and reference each section for years to come.  Need some encouragement in yoru friendships... go directly to those list of verses.  Anger flaring up... you can reading several verses giving you wisdom in less than 1 min.  Finding these verses has never been simpler - now the challenge is to apply them. 

About The Author

Tracie A. Dawson married her high school sweetheart over twenty years ago. She and her husband have three children and reside in the ‘burbs of Charlotte, NC. She is a former social worker, seasonal homeschooling mother, leads a ladies’ Bible Study, and is a worship leader at the church where her husband is the Pastor. She is passionate about vulnerable populations and focuses on the specific needs of victimized women and children in rural regions of Peru. She is fiercely competitive, compassionate, and admittedly compulsive, but strives to humbly point everyone to the life-changing wisdom through the Scriptures.
Proverbs 4:9 “…she (wisdom) will bestow on you a beautiful crown.”
In a world of eroding values, relationships, and purpose, we all face the question, how do we find guidance and direction for navigating stormy waters of life? How are we to know what is right and just and fair? Are honor and integrity really important? How do we recognize when we are on the wrong path or trusting in the wrong people? Early explorers relied on the North Star to help determine their position and direction. Wisdom, likewise, offers clarity in determining our spiritual position and course. Solomon, a man gifted by God with unparalleled insight and understanding, passed along to his children the wisdom he had received from God. This Wisdom of old still rings true and offers encouragement, clarity, and a clear path to follow. Blessed are those who find and follow this path. Wisdom honors those who embrace her; she protects, guides, and saves them from deadly snares. She is a priceless treasure and gives to those who find her a most beautiful crown.

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