Beauty in the CrAzY

BreadBasket I think I am going crazy. There is the pouch of rodent bones, sitting in a bowl in the middle of my dining room table…remains of an owl pellet my son examined in school and brought home with more enthusiasm than a “Terrific Kid” accolade or a perfect score on a test!


I think my son attempted to re-attach a jaw bone with Scotch tape!!!

I think my son attempted to re-attach a jaw bone with Scotch tape!!!

We oohed and ahhed over the many creatures represented in the regurgitated rodent remains and he placed them in a folded napkin and wrote “Do Not Throw Away!”

Weeks later I found them IN MY BREAD BASKET on the Dining Room Table! Guess this reveals how rarely I actually USE our bread basket, as well as how distracted I have become. Or maybe I’m just crazy?

A Recipe for Peace and Quiet


Not my picture- this looks much better than how mine turned out!

Our family enjoys meal time. It is when we all can sit down, talk, and laugh. We laugh a lot because we have a son who innately understands that the most exhaustive efforts at comedy usually produce the most gratifying response. 

But there are times when there is no laughter. Or conversation. Or enjoyment of any kind while we eat.

That is usually because something has sabotaged our dinner.

Sometimes it is a busy night with too many activities and responsibilities.

Sometimes it is conflict over siblings struggling to get along or hurt feelings when the teasing goes too far.

Sometimes it is disappointment from plans that just don’t go our way.

And sometimes it is Spaghetti Squash Alla Carbonara.