Beauty in the CrAzY

BreadBasket I think I am going crazy. There is the pouch of rodent bones, sitting in a bowl in the middle of my dining room table…remains of an owl pellet my son examined in school and brought home with more enthusiasm than a “Terrific Kid” accolade or a perfect score on a test!


I think my son attempted to re-attach a jaw bone with Scotch tape!!!

I think my son attempted to re-attach a jaw bone with Scotch tape!!!

We oohed and ahhed over the many creatures represented in the regurgitated rodent remains and he placed them in a folded napkin and wrote “Do Not Throw Away!”

Weeks later I found them IN MY BREAD BASKET on the Dining Room Table! Guess this reveals how rarely I actually USE our bread basket, as well as how distracted I have become. Or maybe I’m just crazy?

Or it could be that on any given morning, I see my tweenage daughter heading out the door for church or school in MY skirt, or MY sweater, and Lord help me, MY favorite gray suede boots. “Oh, no, no, no, NO! You are NOT wearing my boots! That’s where I draw the line!”

And now, I have a cruiser/ crawler whose greatest thrill is skimming the floor looking for random objects to ingest- old pieces of cereal, the little plastic “T” pieces that fall to the ground when cutting tags off new clothes, small twigs and leaves by the back door, and just the other day a slice of fresh garlic that fell when I was cooking up a storm. Yummy!

And it could just be amnesia, but I do not remember my first two kids making it their personal mission to unroll EVERY. SINGLE. TOILET PAPER. ROLL. I have photographic evidence of this. Day. After day. Bathroom after bathroom.

I guess I should be glad she hasn’t tried to wear the toilet plunger as a hat, like one of her older siblings. I guess I should be glad that she hasn’t yet thrust her hand into a dirty diaper and taste tested it’s contents, like one of her older siblings.

Yeah, motherhood is messy and it makes us a little crazy.

I am often seen doing donuts in the main isle at Target as I frantically try to grab enough essentials for the next few days while playing “beat the clock” with a baby who will soon either need a bottle, a nap, a new diaper, or let out one of those blood curdling shrieks that capture the attention of everyone within a 12 aisle radius.

Motherhood makes our homes a bit chaotic and sometimes gross. Our minds sometimes feel like mush as we look at a good friend and immediately forget their freaking name- which happened to me as I stood at the head of our ladies’ group at church and publicly drew a blank when offering an introduction!

Honestly, we don’t need Scripture to hear a wise perspective on this stage of motherhood; any experienced or “seasoned” mother can assure me that these are fleeting moments of my life- that one day I will blink and the children will all be grown and these little issues long forgotten.

That’s OUR perspective, and a valid one for sure!

What she hasn’t offered is GOD’S perspective on this season of my life!

Ecclesiastes, a book that most of us cannot appreciate until we have a few gray hairs, speaks rather frankly about life, it’s fleeting and meaningless pursuits, and the various seasons of activity which we often experience over the course of it. I referenced it in a post for gratitude and giving thanks here.

“a time to be born and a time to die…
a time to plant and at time to uproot…
a time to weep and a time to laugh…
a time to search and a time to give up…
a time to keep and a time to throw away…. (Ecclesiastes 3:2,4,6 NIV)

all seemingly opposite activities…

One time appears good and the other bad.
One time appears positive and the other negative.
One time appears easier and the other more difficult.

Yet he goes on to say, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

That’s HIS perspective.

There is an appropriate response or activity for the various times of our lives and ultimately, we cannot truly appreciate one without the other.

And for many of us, this is our time for “crazy.”

Yes, I believe that according to God, there is beauty in our crazy!

For soon, this season will be over. And we will find ourselves in another.

If I choose to, I can go there and wish for the next season without appreciating the beauty in this one.

But then I fail to see the beauty of LIFE in these fleeting moments of crazy!

I will miss the beauty in the crazy!


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