About Us

Tracie can often be found strolling parks and the outdoors, soaking up the sun while avoiding the dishes and vacuuming that waits at home. She loves children and considers them evidence of God’s awesome sense of humor. She is driven and shamelessly competitive as she will sacrifice all pride to win even the most pointless of games.  She loves sharing wisdom through stories, scripture, and experience, although her own experiences tend to be the cautionary tales- as in “what NOT to do” but enjoys the transformation it bears in the heart of the listener!

Since the inception of Crowning Wisdom, Tracie has learned the secrets to greater friendships, contentment, the truth of our identities, and a better view of money, as well as the pitfalls of anxiety, control, and the unchecked tongue. She admittedly doesn’t have all the answers, but has set her course to continuing the search for greater wisdom in the choices we make and that paths we take.

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