A MUST READ book for YOU!

I have not had the opportunity to finish my post this week for YOU, my readers, but I do have something wonderful to recommend to you as you continue you on the path to wisdom.


Divine Direction by Craig Groeschel is a MUST READ for every Christ follower searching for understanding of the impact of our choices, decisions, and the paths we take. Sounds like a lot of OUR conversations, right? Ha-I hope so!

Craig writes about the 7 Decisions that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and incorporates Biblical wisdom to deepen our understanding and motivation so that we can find the right path and live a story worth telling EVERYONE about!

I know, it’s hard to find time to read some days…I get it, I have a 2-year-old toddler who like to rearrange my pantry and kitchen cabinets in the blink of an eye, so my reading time has to be intentional and sometimes even scheduled. If this is you too, make the time to read this book! Get up a few minutes early, take it to work and read it during your break or lunch, or after dinner before you clear the table- whatever works for you. You will not regret this small investment that will yield enormous results in your life, faith, and your search for wisdom!

I am even including this link to make it easier for you to order!

Happy reading and I hope to have a new post for you next week!




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